Şahin Tepesi

Şahin Tepesi (S01E03)


Deniz, seeing his true face by the threat of Mete.And she under a new burden has entered.Melek,has a big disappointment because of Cem and support from Nilüfer motivates her again. Tuna learns from whom this support comes from, and her move makes Melek still in a difficult situation.The information Melek found among her father's old books would open a new door of hope. After Ezgi's suicide attempt, Efe feels guilty, but the trump that Tuna is trying to put forward will remove Ezgi from Efe. Tuna, who is relieved about this issue, is not yet aware of Efe and Verda who are getting closer to each other. Cem, who tries to forgive his mother for himself, is again distributed with the news coming from Ayça.His friend, Deniz, helps Cem. Deniz, who is cluttered by Mete's prints, thinks that the person who can help is Cem. Deniz and Cem play Mete will be a harbinger of a greater danger.