Şahane Hayatım

Şahane Hayatım (S01E04)


Şebnem's patience has run out! Melisa's being right under her nose was the last straw for Şebnem! She has two paths in front of her: Either she will confront Onur and ask him to pay for her broken heart or... She will go head to head with Didem and get rid of Melisa. Will Şebnem, who is very hurt, be able to control herself and give Melisa what she deserves?

Melisa did not listen to Aysel and challenged Sebnem. Aysel, who has repeatedly warned her not to disobey her, does not know what to do in the face of the daring behavior of her favorite bride-to-be. On the other hand, she is trying to understand whether Onur is confused by Melisa's return and whether his feelings have turned in her favor. Will Aysel, who is trying hard to establish new balances, be able to survive the surprise move from Şebnem?

Mesut is surprised to learn that Şebnem has reported him to the higher authorities. Just when he thought he was going to let the Niyazi issue go, this complaint sharpens Mesut and causes him to take action again. Just when Şebnem thinks she is saved, Mesut comes across another way, and this time, he gets closer to Şebnem's secret than ever!

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