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Şahane Hayatım

Şahane Hayatım (S01E22)


Şebnem is still reeling from the shock of Mesut's slander when she receives a threatening message on her phone. While Şebnem tries to find ways to clear Mesut, she is also aware that time is running out to find the blackmailer.

Mesut is taken into custody after Elif's plot. Mesut, who is looking for ways to make a deal with Elif, is in a difficult situation when Elif makes him an offer. But Mesut has a plan.

While Onur and Şebnem have convinced everyone that Demir has escaped, the arrival of Demir's father, Macit, turns everything upside down. Thinking that something bad has happened to his son, Macit targets Şebnem.

Will Şebnem, who is stuck in the middle of all these events, find a way out?

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