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Şahane Hayatım

Şahane Hayatım (S01E13)


After Şebnem's confession, Mesut chooses between his profession and his love. 

The images of Şebnem and Mesut leaked to the press, creating a new crisis in Onur and Şebnem's relationship; with Onur's strong moves, this crisis turned into a big war. 

Şebnem once again faces the danger of being separated from her children. 

The rivalry between Aysel and Ece gains a new dimension with the secret Aysel learns. Ece, who is cornered with this information learned by Aysel, comes to the brink of an important decision.

Melisa makes a plan to get rid of Ahmet—this time, she has to succeed. 

Mesut's dangerous plan to end Selo will bring him to the brink!

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