Ramo: Season 2, Episode 5

Episode 5 (S02E05) is the fifth episode of season two of "Ramo." The episode aired on Show TV on Friday, October 16th, 2020 and it has been marked as seen by 9 users.


Ramo's plan worked, but Kürşat, who he received his money, has no intention of letting go of the incident.

Kürşat, who goes after Ramo and his family at the command of Cihangir, is now a great threat to Ramo. The countdown has begun, and the fuse has been triggered for Ramo to save his family.

Nehir doubts increase after she sees Sibel and Ramo together. When Sibel tries to convince Nehir that there is nothing between her and Ramo, what she says to Ramo horrifies Nehir.

Kürşat, who wreaked havoc in Istanbul to destroy Ramo and his family, finds Ramo in front of him at an unexpected moment.

This courageous act of Ramo will surprise even Cihangir.




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