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Ramo (S01E10)


Ramo races against time. Alpay's poisoning causes Sibel to get worse. Ramo needs to make a critical decision to bring her to the hospital.

Alpay, who manages to escape at the last moment, wants to make peace with the commission. Ramo, on the other hand, confiscates the commission and the places of Alpay, who is playing tricks on him, and goes after him. With nowhere to run, Alpay makes a move that no one expects. Alpay's move will change all balances in Adana.

Neco rejects Fatoş's request for a divorce. However, a fact that Fatoş learned about him causes Neco to step back.

Fidan is grateful to Yavuz, who saved Ramo and her family and loved ones. However, she will see a face that Yavuz never knew and will be disappointed. 

Ramo comes to Sibel with an offer. For the first time, he has offered Sibel a way out for their love, which has been kneaded for years. Sibel is on the verge of a great decision. This choice between revenge and love will determine the future of both.