O Kız

O Kız (S01E21)


While Sitare and Ozan's reckoning continues, Zeynep can't stand it anymore and shows up. Sitare and Ozan get a huge shock, Zeynep leaves the engagement without even giving them a chance to explain. While Melek immediately steps in to console Zeynep, whose world has been destroyed, Sitare realizes that Melek is playing her game when she sees the two of them side by side, but she is too caught off guard to take a position for the first time.
Sitare quickly puts Kadir on the ball. She tells Kadir that Zeynep is offended because of her and asks him for help. Kadir, who can't stand the resentments, rolls up his sleeves to reconcile Sitare and Zeynep and brings the two together with a fait accompli. Sitare, when she has the opportunity to be alone with Zeynep, does the only thing she can do and confesses to her about Ozan.