Menajerimi Ara: Season 1, Episode 20

Episode 20 (S01E20) is the twentieth episode of season one of "Menajerimi Ara." The episode aired on Star TV on Sunday, January 10th, 2021 and it has been marked as seen by 9 users.


Kıraç's announcement about the fact that he is Dicle's father moves all the stones at Ego Agency. The family and the confrontation with Mayda and Beren, will not be the only tests for Kıraç. With Serkan cornering, Kıraç's future at the agency is at risk. Dicle, who is faced with everyone's great reaction after what happened, enters a battle in which he puts himself in danger to try to help his father. Barış becomes her biggest supporter in this battle. On the other hand, Emir takes a step that will determine his future after understanding the facts he realized about Dicle. Feris's situation once again confronts her with her worst fear in life. With the beginning of a new era for everyone, Kıraç and Dicle will once again have a big surprise.



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