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Mehmed: Fetihler Sultanı


Şehzade Mehmed was caught in a major ambush by the addicts and was fiercely fighting back. İshak, on the other hand, was approaching with his men at full speed. How will Mehmed escape this ambush? Is İshak coming to help Mehmed, or is he about to attack?

Returning to Edirne, Mehmed takes his harem and goes to Manisa. There, upon receiving a letter for Gülşah, they decide to go to Karamanoğlu. What will Mehmed experience on this journey? What does the letter say?

Murad, who is already having a hard time after Hüma's death, is in an even worse state. Çandarlı is aware of the situation and is worried. How will Çandarlı take measures for the future of the state? Mehmed is also aware of the situation and leaves Şehabeddin in Edirne for this reason. What will Çandarlı's new move be?

In Byzantium, the conflict between Konstantinos and Helena deepens. Konstantinos is on the verge of making important decisions for the change of Byzantium. Helena and Notaras are the biggest obstacles in this situation. What will Konstantinos do in this situation?

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