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Mahkum (The Prisoner)

Fırat Bulut, who went into seclusion as a result of the traumatic process he went through, decided to hang his robe and only take care of his daughter. The murders committed with the mask of Barış Yesari in some parts of the city activate the state. Fırat Bulut is the only person who can fight these psychopaths who try to sanctify Barış. Fırat rejects these offers. Until he learns that Barış, presumed dead, is breathing in this city... He will return. But with no robe, no procedure, and a special team of selected people...

Barış Yesari, who survived death and great suffering and believed that he was born again, returns to the city as a completely different person. His goal now is not just to avenge himself, but to avenge everyone whose souls have been killed. While dreaming of a new future with Büge and her son, he takes action with the prisoner army he has built underground. Justice will be served sooner or later.

Barış, who tries to provide justice with his conscience under the ground, Fırat, who tries to protect society from these disturbed types above the ground. Two eternal enemies; they fight harder than ever to find the ultimate justice.