Mahkum (S01E04)


“You are not alone, Prosecutor. Everyone is doomed. Some to freedom, some to slavery…”


Following the clues he dug into the cell wall, Fırat searches Hacı in every corner.  Hacı, who is not willing to give clues easily, is after requests that will put the Fırat at great risk. While Fırat chases clues, Cemre makes a move that will change the course of the case. He put the prosecutor's office under great pressure for re-enactment of the crime scene.


Ferda, the mysterious woman from Savaş's past, turns Barış's life upside down. While trying to figure out who sent the envelopes, the appearance of this woman forces Barış into a corner. Or is it Ferda who sent those envelopes? With the help of Sasha, Barış embarks on a struggle to solve this equation with many questions ...