Mahkum (S01E21)


As soon as he returns to the prosecutor's office, the first thing he does is to chase after Barış, and he is after big moves that will corner him. Thanks to the information he received from Zahit, he takes him to the courthouse with his own hands, as he promised. While the roles have changed in the hunter-hunter story, Barış encounters a move he never expected.

A greater shock for Barış than the return of the Fırat is seeing Savaş in front of  his eyes. He has returned to demand an account of all the crimes he has committed so far. So is Savaş real? Or is it an enemy he has created in his mind?  While Barış is chasing after this terrible problem, one last move comes from the Euphrates. It will hit him where he is weakest.

Will Fırat be successful with this big move?