Kuzgun: Season 2, Episode 2

Episode 2 (S02E02) is the second episode of season two of "Kuzgun." The episode aired on Star TV on Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 and it has been marked as seen by 37 users.


Kuzgun's partnership with Ferman in the urban transformation project officially starts the war between Kuzgun and Ferman. Now these two names will face each other in this arena.

Ferman raises the pain of the Kuzgun's because of Kuzgun's compulsion for this partnership. Kuzgun first experiences significant confrontations with Dila and then with Ferman.

While Kuzgun trying to protect the rights of his neighborhood, He will have to make a very difficult decision with the new proposal of Ferman. Since Mary is happy to see her son Kuzgun together with Güneş so she invites them together to dinner at their home.

The suspicious movements of Güneş catch Dila's attention. Dila witnesses the dinner at Kuzgun's house. This moment creates a shocking confrontation between Kuzgun and Dila. Kuzgun is sure that Dila's love for him isnt over. Kuzgun's claims about Dila's decision to marry Ferman will have a very different effect on Dila. The lie told by Güneş to stay in Kuzgun's life is very dangerous & Dila couldnt just follow this process silently.

The moments that Ferman share with Dila about his past and his family will open a new era in Dila's relationship with Ferman. Meanwhile, the war between Kuzgun and Ferman jumped to the families.Kuzgun, who fights for his family on the one hand and the neighborhood on the other, finds himself in an irreversible path without realizing it.

Realizing that the war between Kuzgun and Ferman is intensifying with each passing day, Neşe makes a very radical move to put an end to this war. The secret of the letter that Neşe has kept from everyone for years will come out.




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