Kuzey Güney English Episodes

Kuzey Güney

Kuzey Güney is a story of two brothers Kuzey and Güney. Kuzey is bold, fearless, and spontaneous. Güney is the exact opposite of Kuzey. He's calm, patient, doesn't act without thinking, and is great in school. The only thing this brothers have in common is their love for Cemre. Cemre is a girl who moved recently to their neighborhood. Kuzey falls in love with Cemre but he didn't know that Güney and Cemre are in love with each other. When Güney and Cemre get together and they kissed each other, Kuzey is left devastated. A car accident, involving the brothers, takes place where a man is killed. Although Güney was driving the car, Kuzey takes the blame because he didn't want his brother who is a good student go to jail. Kuzey goes to prison for 4 years.The series starts 4 years later, where Kuzey has been released from prison and comes back to his family and life again. But he soon understands that nothing will be the same as the good old times.