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Kül Masalı

Kül Masalı (S01E07)


Jale's arrest on murder charges is a bombshell at the Giraylı mansion. Cemil is forced to let Arat and Jale go because he does not have enough evidence after they testify. However, he has no intention of letting this new and important information go. 

Behiye, who is affected by Tufan's words, wants to warn her sister against Arat. Özge, who chooses to trust Arat due to the impact of the last incident, does not take Behiye's warnings seriously. Neveser is very disappointed when he learns the terrible secret that Jale is hiding. Now, his perspective on Jale has completely changed. Jale, who has lost her biggest ally in the house, is cornered. 

In order to stay in the mansion, she has to face her childhood nightmares again, which have caused deep wounds in her soul. Arat, on the other hand, decides to follow a new path to expose Jale's lies. Thus, the events of the night of the accident slowly begin to surface. Erhan decides to confront Jale and invites her to his house. What Erhan knows about Jale is much more than the years he spent in Europe.  As Erhan reveals Jale's biggest secret, a dangerous enemy from five years ago visits the Giraylı mansion to meet with Özge.  This uninvited guest is about to shake Özge's faith in Arat to the core.

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