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Kraliçe (Starting Over)

Deniz decides to inflict on Ateş whatever he has inflicted on her. Hard times await Ateş. Gaye continues to fight Deniz with the last trump card she has left. Deniz must now find a way out of the deal he made with Gaye. Zeynep and Selim have fallen in love with each other even though they cannot admit it. Zeynep tells Selim that she will not be in his life if he does not have an operation. Selim is left with a very difficult decision. Narin takes Aslan away. Ali makes one last move to reunite with Aslan at the risk of burning his parole. This situation brings the Gencer brothers face to face with the loss of the farm. Will Deniz, Zeynep, and Ali be able to fulfill their father's will and keep the farm?