Kızılcık Şerbeti


Alev informs Pembe that her relationship with Abdullah is over. Finally, Pembe's wish has come true.

Umut's arrest for fraud devastates Nursema, but as always, her family rushes to her aid.

Mustafa learns through a DNA test that his son is indeed his own. However, he now grapples with how to rectify the great mistake he made with Nilay. Zülkar tries to reconcile them by offering various solutions.

Due to Kıvılcım's lack of confidence in herself and her lingering feelings for Ömer, Ertuğrul makes a big decision to break up with Kıvılcım. Upon learning of their breakup, Ömer wastes no time in trying to win Kıvılcım back.

Fatih and Doğa agree to divorce and formalize the process, quickly finalizing their divorce. Doğa returns to her mother's house. Pembe's concern is for Fatih to overcome this separation pain as soon as possible.

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