Kızılcık Şerbeti


Ömer had to beat Kayhan to the punch and reveal the secret that Metehan was not his son. While this fact made Metehan especially unhappy with the feeling of being deceived, it was a big surprise for everyone. While Ömer tries to make amends with his son, Kayhan tries to get Metehan on his side.

Nursema and Umut meet for the first time on leave but are disturbed by the presence of Nursema's ex-father-in-law, who coincidentally happens to be at the same venue.

Nilay's carpenter defrauded her and ran away, leaving Nilay a parrot. Although Nilay tries to sneak the parrot into the house and keep it in her room, the whole household soon becomes aware of its presence and small family quarrels ensue. 

Alev, who tries to get close to Aylin to help Doğa, will soon realize that this job is not so easy. Aylin will face a very big obstacle as she tries to squeeze Fatih with all kinds of games and tries to keep him close to her.

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