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Kızılcık Şerbeti


Although Alev and Abdullah's conversation was interrupted when Sönmez came home, Sönmez was extremely disturbed by seeing Abdullah at Alev's house. She first brings the subject up to Kıvılcım, but she does not feel comfortable again and goes to Abdullah and warns him by telling him about her discomfort. While Nursema continues to hide in Alev's house, İbrahim's family tries to buy time by telling the Pembes that they are still on their honeymoon. Nilay accidentally sees İbrahim on the road but cannot convince anyone of this. Although Ömer and Kıvılcım live their togetherness to the fullest, the difference between their worlds bothers Kıvılcım more and more, and the answers she gets when she brings the subject up to Ömer are not enough to comfort her. Collecting herself, Nursema returns to her husband's house, pretending to accept everything, only to confront everyone and hold them accountable. And she detonates the big bomb at a dinner that she invites her own family too.

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