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Kızıl Goncalar

Kızıl Goncalar (S01E15)


Cüneyd is devastated when he learns that his mother, contrary to what he believed, committed suicide. However, he is not the only one shocked by new revelations. Levent finds himself torn between his conscience and fears upon discovering that Meryem is Mira’s real mother. Meanwhile, Meryem has uncovered an important secret about Cüneyd and Zeynep, leaving her cornered.

Supported by Müyesser, Hasna, and Affan, Sadi Hüdayi devises a dangerous and bold plan to seize power. Amidst this struggle, Cüneyd worries about his grandfather, Mürşid Efendi, and finds the strength he needs to stand up in Zeynep’s words. Although Levent uncovers a different truth about Cüneyd’s mother while trying to save Zeynep, Meryem, overwhelmed and exhausted, decides to burn all bridges.

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