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Kızıl Goncalar

Kızıl Goncalar (S01E13)


Naim catches Meryem with Levent and accuses her of adultery. Even though Meryem denies the accusation, this will not stop Naim's tyranny. Despite Levent's desperate attempts to save Meryem, Sadi Hüdayi and the sect are reluctant to help him. Furthermore, Meryem, who is afraid of the sect, is also unwilling to agree to divorce.

Cüneyd, who is about to confront Zeynep after hearing that she teaches math, receives news about Meryem. Cüneyd learns that Levent has been lying to him all this time. Zeynep, on the other hand, is forced to ask for Cüneyd's help in order to reveal her father's relationship with Nadire and save Meryem from her father.

Levent, who is about to lose everything he holds on to in life when he falls out with Beste because of Meryem, avoids confronting Suavi's decision to euthanize him but gets closer to the idea of "rabıta" that he and Cüneyd talked about. 

When Meryem, who has been trying to hide her experiences from everyone, is finally caught by Zeynep, her daughter encourages her mother to ask Levent for help and end it all. But Naim has no intention of leaving Meryem and decides to test her with her worst nightmare. As Suavi goes to his death, there seems to be no ray of hope left to save Meryem from this dark end.

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