Kalp Yarası: Season 1, Episode 22

Episode 22 (S01E22) is the twenty-second episode of season one of "Kalp Yarası." The episode aired on ATV on Monday, November 29th, 2021 and it has been marked as seen by 0 users.


Ayşe is forced to confront her grandfather Şahin as a result of her dangerous move against Hande, whom she sees as responsible for the disasters she has experienced. Joining their forces against the Sancakzades, Hande and Yaman embark on a new path for their revenge. On the other hand, Adnan, who fell into Azade's trap, knocks on Yaman's door with an offer he cannot refuse. Although Ferit tries to tidy up his relations, Ayşe comes to a decision stage when she has to face her past and future. Ayşe's decision puts Ferit and Ayşe's relationship in a new direction.




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