Kalp Yarası: Season 1, Episode 20

Episode 20 (S01E20) is the twentieth episode of season one of "Kalp Yarası." The episode aired on ATV on Monday, November 15th, 2021 and it has been marked as seen by 4 users.


While the poisoned Ayşe's life is at risk, Ferit is forced to make a difficult choice. This choice devastates Ayşe and causes great sadness in Sancakzade Mansion.

Happy to take her revenge on the Sancakzade Family, Hande sets her best friend Betül as her target. What is the plan of Hande, who risks everything to separate Yaman and Betül?

Azade, who sees that he has been deceived with his eyes, has a surprise for Adnan. What awaits Adnan with the surprise prepared by Azade?




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