Hercai: Season 2, Episode 10

Episode 10 (S02E10) is the tenth episode of season two of "Hercai." The episode aired on ATV on Friday, November 22nd, 2019 and it has been marked as seen by 76 users.


Hazar's blaming Miran for his accident messes things up between Reyyan and Miran. While Miran proclaims his innocence, Reyyan trusts the words of her father over Miran's, thinking Miran used the accident as an opportunity to take out his revenge on Hazar. Reyyan, realizing that no matter what she does, she cannot eliminate the anger inside Miran, vows to fight to protect her family from now on. The fact that a word coming out of Hazar's mouth is powerful enough to burn everything down deeply hurts Miran, while he thinks Reyyan wronged him.

Esma, distressed by the promise she had given to Dilshah years earlier, delivers the letter to Zehra in order to end this revenge game and unite Hazar and Miran. Finding out that Miran is actually the son of Hazar, will Zehra deliver the letter to Hazar and rescue Miran from the hell he is in?




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