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Gülcemal (S01E13)


Five years have passed since Gülcemal's death. Deva has built a life with her son Cemal and her parents. Gülendam and Mert with Mrs Zafer. However, Mrs Zafer could not recover after losing her son. Every day she waits for her son to return and does not believe that he is dead. Everything happens on the day Armağan and İpek return from Switzerland. The whole family will gather together. Gülcemal's departure has ended all hostilities, and everyone has clung to life together around this common pain. Gülcemal made the family, which he could not unite with his presence, a real family in his absence. However, on the day that everyone was eagerly waiting for, little Cemal disappears in the park. While the whole family is facing the loss of Cemal, Cemal is found by a surprise person.