Gizli Saklı

Gizli Saklı (S01E08)


While Naz and Pamir struggle to manage Zeynep, who unexpectedly appears at the wedding, Aynur reveals that Yaz is a police officer, and Zeynep suddenly disappears from the wedding. While she was going to tell her father about everything, she sees her suitcases in front of the door and learns that Nehir was kicked out of the house with their fillings, and gives up telling what she saw. Yaz and Levent thought that the operation was over and lost their hope when Zeynep got a surprise phone call and said that she would help them. On the one hand, unaware of everything, Tarık instructs Levent to carry out the delivery that will make the operation successful. While everything is going smoothly, Zeynep disappears again. The Kosuoglu family is caught red-handed and all the secrets are revealed. A butterfly flies into the air and this story ends with all the surprises it has given us.