Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi


Sadi and Songül decide to make one of the two rooms a bedroom. However, neither Songül nor Sadi has any intention of leaving their room. Due to the plans made by the duo, who are behind each other's back, they do not have a bed to sleep in in the evening.

The fact that Meltem wants Buğra and Derya to meet puts Yaver in a difficult situation. Will Yaver, who does not want to upset Meltem, be able to postpone this meeting? While Zülfikar is doing his best to get through the difficult days of Melek, Melek encounters Celal's children at the house where she came to collect her belongings.

Aylin finally finds the job she's been looking for, but the uninvited guests who come to her first working day cause a scene in the cafe. Aylin is unaware that a pair of eyes is watching them as she gets close to Araz, who is by her side in a difficult moment. Araz eventually has to explain to someone the reason for his closeness to both Gizem and Aylin. While Servet wants the suitcase full of money in the mansion to be brought to him, Gizem is determined to take revenge on everyone who hurt her in the past with the money in her hand.
After Sadi's conversation with Songül, Servet's men are waiting for them at the address he took to make Songül happy. Unable to reach Derya, Kıvanç is forced to visit a door he never wanted to knock on at night because of a note from the courier.