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Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi (Another Chance)

While Songül and Sadi are investigating the names of tax record holders at that time with the clue they found in the audio recording, they continue to follow the trail to find the biker who attacked the laboratory. Thanks to the evidence, Songül immediately takes action with Sadi and Yaver, but Songül is not aware that the mole inside is always after her.
The news of Ozan's disappearance affects everyone, especially Zülfikar. While Ozan's search continues, Abbas cannot control his anger. Finally, a ringing phone puts Zülfikar and Gülseren in a very difficult situation.
Kıvanç does not want to go to a congress alone and invites Derya. While the congress process slowly lifts the walls between the two, Derya makes a very important decision about her life.
When Sevda hears Araz and the team talking at the repair shop, it makes a big impact on Gizem and Mert's relationship. On the other hand, Araz and his gang have a plan for Aylin.

While Songül and Sadi can no longer hide their feelings for each other, they are unaware that bad surprises await them both.