Gecenin Ucunda

Gecenin Ucunda (S01E26)


Kazım, who crashed while speeding after Macide, suffers from partial amnesia. The police officers who investigate the accident scene say that Kazım deliberately crashed to commit suicide. Macide, who is carrying Kazım's baby, falls into a repetition because she feels remorse for him and does not want to leave Kazım alone and injured. Kazım, whose memory is blurred, seems to have returned to his good and sweet self. It is as if he has returned to the early days of his and Macide's love, without any trace of his recent ruthlessness. However, with Berrin's ruthless involvement in Kazım and Macide's story, Macide will lose her baby and at the point where she realizes that she has completely transformed into Nermin, she will defy fate and destroy everything that has made her this way, namely the Işık family, so that the Işık family will not drag other women into this vortex.