Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey


Sanem's announcement that they are married to Bora causes the balance between her and Çolpan to change completely. Sanem's leaving the house to live with Bora starts the cold war period between her and Çolpan. Baran and Şeyda, who learn that Gülistan did not go to Urfa, have no other way than to engage in a legal fight. The lawyer they chose for themselves is an old and strong rival of Çolpan. If Erman wants to continue to stay at Arsen Hukuk; He stipulates that Bora and Sanem should provide justice only with their attorney's robes. It forces them to work together on a tough case to test their view of justice. The divorce case of the famous actress Can Derin, who is undoubtedly guilty in the eyes of the society, will almost be a test for Sanem and Bora. Azra and Efe take action to prove that Gülistan is mentally stable. A shocking incident in the forensic medicine department they went with Gülistan will completely change the course of the case.