Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey


Sergen has to take his steps very carefully in order to melt the ice between him and Azra by using his fake illness. Although he manages to deceive everyone, at the end of the day, there is a person who knows the truth. Determined to take custody of her daughter, Defne begins to make new plans against Hızır. Ural cannot get over the fear of losing Alina. Sanem tries to convince her that they will win the case. On the one hand, she tries to dissuade Zafer and Nursen from their decision to leave, and on another hand, tries to relieve Güneş, who has had misfortunes before the wedding. Finally, the wedding day comes. Although Çolpan does not want Nazan to come to the wedding, she consents to this in order not to prevent her daughters from meeting with their siblings. This situation increases the pressure on Faruk. At the wedding, events that will create a turning point in the lives of not only Güneş but also all Cevher women will take place...