Ego (S01E02)


It is decision time for Erhan, who is upset by the shock of Sibel's offer. Elif, who has her whole world on one side... Sibel's offer, which will help her get out of the pit she fell into, on the other hand... Erhan is forced to accept Sibel's offer, even if he doesn't want to.

Erhan and Sibel return to Istanbul after three mysterious days in Antalya. Sibel made a big splash at the launch of the notorious "Ice Queen" Antalya and the whole fashion world is talking about Sibel's success. But Sibel's happiness does not last long, because there is someone else who knows what she is going through in Antalya… Sibel has both her career and her family's trust; Erhan, on the other hand, is at risk of losing Elif forever. Meanwhile, Tuncay gives a tough test. How will he explain to his family that he has a son? On the other hand, Elif, who holds Sibel responsible for all her experiences, is determined to take revenge on Sibel no matter what.