Dilek Taşı

Dilek Taşı (S01E17)


While the effect of the letter arriving at the Rona mansion continues, the door knocks again. The arrival of the police concerns the outbuildings rather than the Rona family. The news from Figen and Mustafa shatters Asuman. After Figen and Mustafa survive the bullets, their wounds are bandaged together by a strange, friendly hand. Aziz finds Figen and Mustafa and takes them to his house. As Figen fears for Mustafa's life, she faces an unforeseen obstacle. While Figen is still recovering from this big obstacle, she is faced with a big family secret. Kenan, who was released by Dündar, is in front of Sevda with a game again. Unaware of Sevda's inner turmoil, Kenan is enjoying the Rona mansion. Rüçhan, on the other hand, is experiencing her feelings without knowing the big secret in Dündar's house. The new name that Aras will make a deal against Harun Rona is likely to change the balance.