Dilek Taşı

Dilek Taşı (S01E11)


Figen and her family, devastated by Ömer's death, are facing difficult times. The absence of Ömer, who was the person Figen trusted the most, unexpectedly has an impact on everyone. On the other hand, the Bolatli's invited by Sevda creates a big shock at the mansion! Will Sevda be able to save herself from this marriage blackmail that she had to accept in order to save Kenan?

Time to say goodbye! Both Figen and Mustafa make big decisions about the course of their lives in this episode after going through big changes. What will meet them on the new paths that will open before them after this decision?

Sinan's doctor, who comes to the mansion, will announce the test results! Will Sinan finally be saved?

What will Macide's attitude towards Figen and Asuman be after she learns the test results? Will she ask them to leave, or will she try to make them stay?
How will this situation affect Mustafa and Figen on their journey?

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