Çukur: Season 4, Episode 7

Episode 7 (S04E07) is the seventh episode of season four of "Çukur." The episode aired on Show TV on Monday, October 19th, 2020 and it has been marked as seen by 6 users.


While the Erdenet family tries to recover from the shocking news of Аrık's death, Cengiz will ask for an account from Yamaç, as he considers him responsible for the event.

As Yamaç takes action to protect Çukur, he will find the same Çukur facing him again. 

In order to clear up his brother's name, Yamaç will go after the person responsible for Аrık's kidnapping and will be one step closer to revealing the mysterious man Nedim works with.

Salih continues balancing between the family and helping Yamaç, the best way he can...

Hold your breaths through the adventure Yamaç enters in order to reveal the true identity of Nedim... 


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