Çukur: Season 1, Episode 27

Episode 27 (S01E27) is the twenty-seventh episode of season one of "Çukur." The episode aired on Show TV on Monday, April 30th, 2018 and it has been marked as seen by 82 users.


The alliance established between Vartolu, Nazım, and Emrah is the beginning of a new struggle.

İdris Koçovalı left only two options for Vartolu - Vartolu can either be Salih Koçovalı and marry Saadet, or as Vartolu, he will take the whole Çukur against him. However, Idris will encounter an unexpected surprise.

While Yamaç is concerned about the power of the new alliances, Sena also takes action and knocks on someone's door unexpectedly. 

Great danger awaits Çukur, which will deeply affect the lives of many people, especially Yamaç.


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