Çöp Adam

Çöp Adam (S01E11)


Tamer, shaken by Peri's sudden decision to leave, does not want to accept the situation. As their love goes through a new test, they both suffer separately. While Tamer makes an effort to return Peri, Peri needs Tamer to prove her love.

Learning of Ahu's offer to Peri, Tamer shares the situation with Berrin. Berrin, who slowly begins to see her sister's true face, brings the ropes to the breaking point. Ahu, who wears out Selim's patience, is suddenly left alone with his loneliness.

While Tamer thinks that Peri has given up on him, Peri plans to return to him with a surprise. However, Berrin, who rolled up her sleeves to save her marriage, has no intention of withdrawing from the war she started. The struggle of the two women will give Tamer more difficult days than ever before.