Bir Küçük Gün Işığı


Fırat gets angry that Sude goes to Elif. He wants Sude to leave the mansion, but Sude gets sick in the meantime. Fırat and Ayten take Sude to the hospital and learn that the pregnancy is risky. As Elif thinks, Sude will stay in the mansion. Elif realizes that Güneş is under the influence of Ayten. She tells Fırat that she will start the divorce proceedings and that she will leave the mansion when Güneş is convinced.

Dila is obsessed with the babysitter Sinan hired for his son. She starts to think that the woman likes Sinan. Sude settles in the house and begins to live by putting her pregnancy in Elif's eyes. When she realizes that Elif is staying in the mansion for Güneş, she talks to Güneş. She fills the girl by saying that Elif will be happier if they leave the mansion.

The babysitter explains to Sinan the truth about Dila. Sinan confronts Dila. There is only one target for Dila now. To take revenge on the caregiver who stole your happiness...