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Bir Derdim Var (Light in the Dark)

When little Kürşat exhibits problematic behavior at school, Nilüfer crosses paths with him. Nilüfer and her team set out to understand the origins of Kürşat's behavior and help the little boy; however, the suspicious behavior of Kürşat's family will lead to the revelation of a terrible truth about Kürşat and his mother. As Nilüfer, with the help of Ömer, the prosecutor attempts to find out the fate of Kürşat's mother, Kuzey is reminded of his own mother, for whom he has a deep longing.

On the other hand, Nilüfer is bewildered by the emotional indifference of Ömer, with whom she has suddenly become close, while İpek does not know what to do in the face of her lover Volkan's aggressive jealousy. While Özge is overwhelmed by her feelings for Kuzey, İpek seems unaware of Yusuf's interest in her. Damla and Savaş are under the spell of a dangerous rapprochement between them. Savaş's birthday celebration will lead to various emotional reckonings. Kürşat will finally learn the truth about his mother with great shock, while Kuzey will have to face the sudden influx of shocking memories of his mother reluctantly.