Bay Yanlış

Bay Yanlış (S01E13)


Ezgi and Özgür, who see the police in front of them, are shocked. Özgür, who thinks that Tolga is complaining about Ezgi, goes crazy. They all have to go to the police station together. Even if Ezgi, whose testimony is taken, is released, they do not let go of what happened and try to prove Ezgi's innocence. Against all the difficulties, the most important thing for Özgür and Ezgi is their love for each other. But Tolga and Serdar have no intention of leaving them alone.

Meanwhile, Ezgi has prepared a surprise bachelor party for Cansu. Cansu is very happy, the girls have fun among them. Emre also does not stand idly by and has a surprise prepared for Levent. But this surprise will not please the girls.