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Başım Belada

Başım Belada (S01E03)


Çağdaş does not let go of Leyla, who meets with Badi, because she thinks she will find the robbers. Leyla has to go to the hospital. On the one hand, he is in danger of being caught by Çağdaş in the hospital, on the other hand, he thinks that Azam is in love with him. Leyla's attitude, forced to go to Çağdaş's house, push Çağdaş to express her intense feelings. Leyla is worried as she is aware that Azam may learn all the truth from Badi. Leyla and her family use their abilities to find Badi's location and prevent her from talking to Azam. While searching for Badi, they encounter a reality they never expected. With Pele's fait accompli, will Azam, who had to accept Çağdaş's offer to find the robbers, betray Leyla with the information he learned when confronted by Çağdaş?