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Bana Sevmeyi Anlat

Bana Sevmeyi Anlat


Leyla; who lives in Germany, divorces her husband and moves back in her father’s house along with her little son; Ruzgar. Partly because of her father Salih’s threats, she decides to marry Hasmet who is a well-known businessman. Her only wish is to raise her son, Ruzgar in a loving family. What Leyla does not know is the dark side of Hasmet well masked by his charming style. The day of the wedding Leyla realizes Hasmet’s true colors and without a moment’s hesitation she runs away. The one who unintentionally helps her escape is Alper.

Alper, who is not aware that he has just helped the bride escape her wedding, is also in a messy situation himself. Alper’s wife Berna and brother Cihan have just been in an accident. His brother has died on the scene and his wife has been in a coma ever since. When Alper’s is a mess his best friend Engin helps him out and introduces him to Hasmet. Alper impresses Hasmet with his self-confidence and starts working at the restaurant as a manager. Just when he was thinking that his life is finally coming together he finds himself kidnapping his boss’s wife-to-be on their wedding day. When he realizes what happened his conscience gets the best of him and he can’t find it in himself to abandon a desperate woman with her son.

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