Bambaşka Biri

Bambaşka Biri (S01E01)


Leyla Gediz, a prosecutor who has just returned to Istanbul, is unaware that the case she takes on her first day and the man she meets on the same day will change her life. Leyla takes charge of a murder case that shakes the whole of Turkey. Leyla, who has even sacrificed her brother, who has committed crimes in the past, will receive an unexpected blow when the names of the people she trusts the most in life are mentioned in the case, and she will have to question who she can trust and who she cannot trust.

Turkey's favorite news anchor Kenan Öztürk, is the son of Turan, the chief prosecutor to whom Leyla reports, and is closely involved in the same case. Kenan and Leyla, whose fates constantly intersect, will have to resist the attraction between them and walk together on the path of investigation. However, they are unaware of how close the killer is.  

When the motives behind the murder are revealed, will the killer become a criminal or a hero in the eyes of the public? Will Leyla and Kenan's love or the enemy between them emerge stronger from this battle?

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