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Bahar (S01E03)

Bahar's new gig at the hospital is a shock for Timur. Now Bahar, Timur, and Aziz Uras are in the same hospital. Even though they work here as a family, they decide to hide their family relationship. Timur and Rengin start making plans to send Bahar away. Evren will be the person who will support Bahar at the hospital and help her the most. On the other hand, Bahar tries to get used to the dual life of being an assistant doctor at the hospital and a mother at home. Nevra, on the other hand, accuses Bahar of being a bad mother and continues to be hard on her. Bahar's first day on duty at the hospital coincides with Umay's birthday, which causes tensions in the family to rise even more. A bad event that will happen to Umay causes Bahar to question her decision again. 

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