Aziz (S01E03)


Aziz's decision to reopen his father's workshop in order to change the unjust order has a great impact in the city. Even beyond the city, in the capital… The money the French want from Aziz to open the workshop has to cure an unexpected wound. Aziz is faced with not being able to open his workshop. So, will Aziz be able to find the large amount of money he needs? Despite all the obstacles, will Aziz be able to walk with those who believe in him? Maksude, who sees what happened between Dilruba and Aziz, causes a big crisis in the Payidars' house. Efnan, who was kidnapped by Sฤฑtkฤฑ, is about to be forced into marriage. The price that Aziz is willing to pay to save Efnan will be heavy this time...