Aziz (S01E26)


Pierre's blow puts his existence in Hatay in danger. However, Pierre is not going to just give up on Hatay. Compressing Kenan from all sides leads him to a crossroads. In order not to lose his power, Kenan gets into a big game to decipher Aziz's identity and uses Efnan as a bait for this cause. Kenan's game over Efnan causes Pierre to act and set a trap for Aziz. Efnan, on the other hand, learns a big secret that has been covered over the years while trying to get rid of the situation he is in. Aziz comes to a crossroads with Efnan's life in danger. There are two options in front of him in order to save Efnan, and one of these options is death. Will Aziz be able to risk death for Efnan and save the woman he loves?