Aşk Mantık İntikam


Learning that Atlas is his own son, Ozan is experiencing the biggest surprise of his life. When he confronts Esra, he gets very angry with her for keeping his son from him for years. Esra, on the other hand, leaves Çınar and settles in the family house after the recent events. She will not be able to continue the marriage game she had to play for Atlas any longer. She decides to divorce. As Esra is determined to get a divorce, Cinar is as determined not to lose her and Atlas. The way he goes about this will bring the end of his relationship with Esra.

Although Çağla, who managed to fend off the danger of Mert at first, tries to take advantage of Ozan's situation, her calculations turn against her. Ozan will begin to untie the Mert knot with the information he received from an unexpected place. Ozan's unexpected move in the divorce case will radically change everyone's life. Especially Esra, Ozan and Atlas…