Annemizi Saklarken


"Mother!" spilling from Can's lips. The word creates a bombshell effect. Will Handan's fairy tale come to an end? It has become almost impossible for Derya and her siblings to hide their mother. With the evidence in Bora's hand, Handan's secret seems to finally come to light. While Ela's intelligence solves some problems, she puts them all into other dead ends. The fact that Derya and Ela are two separate parties divides the family. As Handan begins to feel overwhelmed by her new life, she doesn't know who to trust. This leads her to make mistakes. Bora, who has not taken her eyes off him all this time, now faces the need to ask new questions. He begins to question what his father, Dundar, hides, not Handan. When a vital secret that Füsun has kept for a long time passes into the hands of the person she should not be most; Handan also falls into the arms of a secret enemy… The shadow of Zerrin's destiny begins to wander over it.