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Aldatmak (S02E33)


While Kadriye continues to enjoy living in the Dicleli house, Kahraman begins to doubt his mother's honesty. Oylum is on a surprising side in the conflict between the two mothers-in-law.
Unaware of Selin's true intentions, Oltan and Tolga take a big step towards freeing Selin. Selin's one move will have consequences that will affect everyone's life.
Güzide's search for her missing son hits a dead end again. Güzide and Ozan roll up their sleeves to put an end to Oylum's identity confusion. Güzide becomes increasingly suspicious of Tarık. However, even Güzide is unaware of how far Tarık has gone to cover up his crimes...

Living under Tarık's conditions, Yeşim has a hard time removing Dündar from her life. As Tarik displays his ruthlessness, he makes new enemies.