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Aldatmak (S02E29)


When big secrets are revealed, Kahraman begins to repair his relations with Oylum. Sezai will be the one who will correct the mistakes that Kahraman thinks are right. Having failed to repair his own life, Sezai leaves heartbroken after his confrontations with Güzide.

It is once again seen how dangerous a person Ipek is. This time they have a shocking confrontation with Oltan, who does not believe their lies. However, the person who can prove İpek's crimes will not be Oltan, but an unexpected acquaintance.

Yeşim continues to have unpleasant experiences in her business life. While Ümit starts to have a little hope for him, Yeşim's interest will shift to an unexpected place.

The danger of Mualla kidnapping Can forces the Güzides to be constantly on guard. Oylum's big move against Mualla will change the balance in their relationship...

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